Webinar: Automox & Rapid7 - Automated Vulnerability Discovery and Remediation

Automox and Rapid7 have joined forces to improve collaboration between SecOps and ITOps teams to fix vulnerabilities faster. With the Automox Plugin for Rapid7 InsightConnect, workflows are automated and InsightVM vulnerability scan results are prioritized into single-click remediation actions within the Automox console. Watch below to learn how to implement these solutions, take your time back, and move faster than attackers.

Our Automox & Rapid7 integration experts cover:

  • The capabilities of vulnerability discovery paired with remediation tools
  • Simplified breakdown of Automox endpoint management, InsightVM, and InsightConnect
  • How to set up automation to improve workflows, reduce tedious manual tasks, and eliminate risk
  • Improving speed, efficiency, and cross-team collaboration between Security and IT Operations teams
  • A live demonstration of Automox + Rapid7's automated workflow from vulnerability discovery to remediation