2022 State of IT Operations

Powering the Modern Workforce

60% of organizations say they use more than 10 tools and solutions to manage their endpoints. Remote work has decreased slightly, but hybrid models are on the rise. The talent shortage has proven that better, faster tools are necessary. How is your team evolving to tackle these challenges?

Automox’s Paul Zimski and Jay Goodman join AimPoint Group’s Mark Bouchard to dive into the evolution of ITOps. They discuss the results of the 2022 State of IT Operations Report and how the evolution of the modern workforce has impacted ITOps.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Key findings from the 2022 survey
  • Best practices for managing IT infrastructure for hybrid work models
  • How to make scripting painless and less time consuming
  • Ideas for boosting efficiency without increasing headcount

84% of ITOps pros say there’s room for improvement in their ability to manage endpoints. Watch to find out how to get ahead.