Webinar: Managing the Cybersecurity Risk of Your Growing Remote Workforce

The workforce as we know it has changed. Given the current climate, many organizations are being forced to adopt a remote work policy more quickly than they had planned or even considered. Your organization may be in the midst of this global shift to remote work or already there. Depending, you may be wondering how to best adjust your cybersecurity operations to manage your newly distributed workforce.

Watch this webinar to hear Senior Technical Product Manager Richard Melick and Director of Technical Partnerships and Sales Engineering provide insight around how to seamlessly transition your security posture and keep all your endpoints secure now that they are operating outside of the corporate perimeter.

You'll learn:

  • The potential cybersecurity risks of transitioning your remote workforce, and what to consider in the decisions you make to keep your corporate devices secure.
  • How to assess short-term and long-term solutions for patch management of your remote devices. We’ll look at the cost burden of maintaining on-prem architectures compared to cloud-based technologies.
  • Practical guidance on how to maintain effective cyber hygiene on your remote devices, showing you how you can patch and update remote machines, and deploy and view inventory of all installed software.