Webinar: 2020 Cyber Hygiene Report - What You Need to Know Now

Automox’s Jay Goodman, Technical Marketing Manager, and Chris Hass, Director of Information Security, discuss the key findings from the 2020 Cyber Hygiene Report. Jay and Chris shed some light on how well enterprises are able to practice effective cyber hygiene, what the main inhibitors to successfully do so, and offer some practical guidance on how to improve your cyber hygiene program.

By watching, you'll

  • Discover the leading causes of data breaches, and learn which can be addressed with better cyber hygiene.
  • Uncover key trends in security and IT operations that inhibit most organizations’ ability to patch and harden their corporate endpoints as fast and frequently as they should be.
  • Educate yourself about practical solutions that can increase the effectiveness of your endpoint patching and hardening - no matter the location or domain.