Discover why cloud-based security solutions can be trusted and how applications like Automox ensure your protection

There are tremendous and well-known benefits to leveraging the cloud: scalability, flexibility, agility, and every one’s favorite, reduced costs. But, data security traditionally tops the list of companies’ concerns over cloud hosting and SaaS solutions. While there may have been some truth to that in the cloud’s early years, the infrastructure behind modern SaaS products is now a security boon, not a risk. Download our guide to:

  • Discover the security benefits of SaaS applications compared to on-premises deployments.
  • See how many modern organizations are turning to SaaS solutions as critical tools in their cybersecurity war chest.
  • Learn what to ask your potential SaaS vendor to ensure they are securing the data they collect and to know what happens in case of a breach.
“We needed a simple, single point of management which Automox nailed.”

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Databerry's audience is remote, so a cloud-based solution was critical for them. They trialed Automox, and immediately fell in love.

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