Wednesday, June 22 | 12 pm ET

Mike Rothman, President and Analyst at Securosis, will drive the discussion and provide the insights you need to continue to improve the workflow between IT and SecOps teams.

No matter what phase of growth your organization is in, cross-team collaboration can always be tricky, especially when the teams in question are IT and SecOps. In instances where these two teams don’t operate in lock-step, the door opens to let serious threats slip through – with potentially severe consequences.

In the first installment of this virtual event series, we’ll share a wide range of perspectives on how to remedy the IT-SecOps gap in order to:

  • Reduce overall risk
  • Boost efficiency and productivity
  • Harmonize cross-team collaboration

From this event, you can expect to learn how to erase obstacles that may be exposing your organization to unnecessary risk.

Joining our host, Mike Rothman: 

James Bantner, CISSP - IT Director at Karmak
Eric Johansen - Director, Consulting Expert at CGI
Marina Liang - Senior Security Engineer at Automox
David Van Heerden - Manager, IT Operations at Automox

Jonathan S. | University of Colorado Law School
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Jonathan S. | University of Colorado Law School

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Jonathan S. from University of Colorado Law School

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