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Over 80% of industry peers agree that endpoint management became much more difficult with the shift to remote and hybrid work in 2020. Today, IT operations and security professionals are faced with new burdens, increasing threats, and heightened expectations from the C-suite. Is your team keeping up?

Automox’s Eric Feldman and the AimPoint Group’s Mark Bouchard take a deeper look into the state of today’s IT operations. They talk about the results of the 2021 State of IT Operations Report and discuss how companies across 15 different industries plan to manage, maintain, and support their distributed workforces long-term (hint: it involves automation and the IT Operations Cloud).

During the webinar we dive into:

  • The results of the 2021 State of IT Operations Report so you can see how you stack up against your peers.
  • How the rapidly growing remote workforce is creating new challenges for today's IT operations and what you can do to proactively secure your remote or hybrid workforce.
  • The rise of automation and its critical role in modern IT operations.

60% of industry peers report it takes their organization more than 3 days to patch cloud and remote devices and over 30 days to patch remote laptops, remote desktops, and cloud servers, leaving them exposed and at high risk for a cyberattack. (2021 State of IT Operations Report)

Jonathan S. | University of Colorado Law School
“We have yet to find a piece of software that Automox has been unable to patch.”
Jonathan S. | University of Colorado Law School

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Jonathan S. from University of Colorado Law School

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