How do your IT operations strategies compare to the industry?

The rapidly growing remote workforce is having a major impact on today’s IT operations, resulting in overwhelming new challenges – as well as new solutions. Download this report to learn what IT operations and security professionals across 15 industries have to say about today’s most pressing topics:

  • Is the remote workforce here to stay?
  • Are organizations leveraging automation when it comes to endpoint management?
  • How well are organizations able to patch remote and cloud endpoints?
  • What does the adoption rate look like for cloud-native solutions?

The new normal requires a new approach — automating remote IT operations using cloud-native approaches for real-time visibility and control over diverse, shifting IT environments.

“We needed a simple, single point of management which Automox nailed.”

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Databerry's audience is remote, so a cloud-based solution was critical for them. They trialed Automox, and immediately fell in love.

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